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Presented by The owl and Cat Theatre

Platform Festival

18-20 June 2017

In a space for shared exploration and sensory encounter, Qualia investigates the nature and continuity of human perception. Four dancers navigate experiential shifts, meditating on perspective and examining the ineffable.

Qualia is an immersive performance for a small audience, where movement research meets phenomenology and participatory theatre. Stemming from Dear's research into perceptive science and surrounding philosophies, it poses reflection on one’s relation to the external world.

Central is the notion of qualia, which Dear defines as: subjectively known qualities of conscious experience- the properties of sensory perceptions and what they ‘seem’ like to the individual.


Audiences will be exposed to sensory stimuli and invited to wear a blindfold. Wheelchair accessibility and gluten-free-vegan diets are catered for. Accessibility queries or requirements are welcomed, please email


The Owl and Cat Theatre 

34 Swan St, Richmond VIC 3121

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